About The Flying Dish

At TFD we have realised there is a need to bring back the value of Fashion. We are designers and we are absolutely in love with fashion as a way to express our individuality and freedom, but we feel that it has lost its value by becoming a money-making machine, to the expenses of the planet, makers, creators, customers and everyone else involved in the chain…


What We Stand For:

Sustainable Fashion, Circular Fashion, Slow Fashion, Conscious Consumers,

Ethical FashionFair Trade, Zero Waste , Guilt-free Education

What We Do:


Fun activities for kids to learn about sustainability. Check it out here!


Services for Designers and Brands on how to improve their sustainability in business.


We have stock fabrics, hangers, samples, etc. for sale in our showroom. Contact us to come and see!

Buy less, choose well and make it last.

Vivienne Westwood