The Team

Our team

We are a team of designers with a true passion for fashion. We have worked in the fashion industry for many years, and in all this time and working at many companies and on different projects and products, we have seen and experienced a good deal of things in order to call ourselves “connoisseurs”.

Fiorella Biancardi


I was born in Colombia and have lived overseas since I was 20 years old. I have learned to see the world as a single weave where we are all part of it.

I studied textile design with an emphasis on industry and fashion. I worked for more than 15 years for global clothing brands and I saw my designs in stores and on the streets… but also in outlets, which made me see that unsustainable and excess production was happening.

As a result of working with suppliers in different countries and seeing the reality behind the beauty of fashion, I felt that the industry had to change and the habits of the buyers as well.

I am a mother, and I want my children to learn the real value of fashion, but not through emotional impacts but through activities that motivate them to question themselves. That is why I decided to bring together my work experience, my desire as a mother and my personal values, founding TFD to promote new habits in the generation that will soon become consumers.

Sonja Raaste


I am a Finnish fashion designer who has lived in Barcelona for more than 25 years. I knew I wanted to be a designer since an early age, and from then on I have stayed on this path and dedicated my life to it.

I started with easy designs, customizing t-shirts into “jackets” (one cut, and voila!) Then with more elaborate Barbie outfits, with my own clothes, on custom orders …

After many years working as a designer and later as a team manager in a multinational company, I witnessed many things, and there came a point where I could not continue… the need to change the world of fashion overwhelmed me, and here we are today!

I am passionate about fashion and I want to use my experience to improve the knowledge and awareness of people, especially children! I believe that a positive education is the way forward, and together we can achieve great changes.