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At TFD we have realised there is a need to bring back the value of Fashion. We are designers and we are absolutely in love with fashion as a way to express our individuality and freedom, but we feel that it has lost its value by becoming a money-making machine, to the expenses of the planet, makers, creators, customers and everyone else involved in the chain.

We have seen the evolution of fast fashion and the consequences this brings us, and our planet. We think that information is key so that you can start making choices as a consumer, choices that matter and will slowly but collaboratively create a positive and necessary transformation. By having the real information and demanding more transparency from the industry, you will know what you are buying and make your own decisions based on what is suitable for you, in a fun and easy way.

For this we need to improve the communication of fashion brands, the transparency in the industry, awaken the people and reclaim our rights as fashion buyers. And that is what our movement is about: awakening consumers to value fashion in its purest concept and achieve more transparency in the fashion industry overall.

The Flying Dish Awake Fashion Movement®


Fun activities for kids to learn about sustainability. Check it out here!


Services for Designers and Brands on how to improve their sustainability in business.


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